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Bred with Care, Sold with Confidence. 

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Every Lebenshunger German Shepherd is OFA CERTIFIED and tested to be negative for DEGENERATIVE MYLOPATHY GENE. 

We are always working to bring to our kennel the very finest German Shepherds, and the best German bloodlines assuring that the quality of the puppy you get from us is unmatched in every way. 

    Our Newest Lebenshunger male, 

                Gary vom Naisshof

Sire: 2017 VA1 Gary vom Huhnegrab, IPO3, KKL1

In March of 2018, Gary will begin his training for titles and show. We have very high expectations and hopes for this fabulous German Shepherd as he becomes a part of Lebenshunger’s future in coninuing to bring you the very best in German bloodlines.

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IMG 3557

This is a Bronn Puppy!


       Kevin and Patti Schmersal

                534 Pushaw Road 

              Bangor, Maine 04401


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There is only ONE Lebenshunger German Shepherd breeder. Our German Shepherds simply cannot be matched. Thank you for visiting. 



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