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We believe it is our duty to give back to the men and women who have served this great country in any way possible. That is why when a veteran comes to us in need, we are there to help. We also offer special prices to veterans. 

"We would like to thank Patti and Kevin Schmersal of Lebenshunger Kennels in Bangor Maine for donating an 11 week old German shepherd puppy to Joe to be his PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Hearing Assistance Dog. Patti and Kevin were so kind hearted enough to donate this puppy for Joe’s sacrifice of spending 18 months in Iraq, the horrific injuries I don’t even think they know all of, and the general sacrifice he made for his country. There will never be a way our family can say Thank You enough for what Patti and Kevin has done for Joe. Even the short time the puppy has been in the house there has been a strong bond between the 2 of them and the puppy notices when something is wrong. So with training this German shepherd will enable Joe to have a more normal life that he has not been able to have since the war. Thank You is just not big enough for this gift and we did not think there were people out there that truly cared about our war veterans that much.

   As for the quality of our German shepherd we received from Lebenshunger Kennels we could not be happier. Hayden is extremely intelligent, at times too smart for our own good. His color is excellent and not washed out like a lot of breeders we have seen. He has nice deep dark tan to red and black sable colors. He has a nice typical German shepherd stance, but without that extreme low hind end American breeders try to breed for. The dog’s feet are tight and large, just what you are looking for in a puppy. When we took him to the veterinarian for his puppy check and shots she said, “I know you did not get this dog in this area, we have no good German Shepherds up here and this is an excellently bred dog.” She was extremely impressed with him as a German shepherd and His temperament. We can do anything to him and he lets us he is so even keel with his temperament. My husband takes him everywhere with him with his “Service Dog in Training” vest and he has not barked at a single person or thing. He has yet to back away from anything. We have has multiple people around him and he has been friendly, and even our neighbors autistic 6 yr old son he tolerated fine and he cannot sit or stand still, he has to be jumping. This is an excellent dog and would defiantly recommend a dog from them from what I have seen thus far."

The Hanke Family

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